👋 Hey! Nestor Pérez here

IT Person. D&D (Designer & Developer, not related to Dungeons and Dragons).

I believe in helping others through actions.

Currently in constant learning due to my desire to keep improving and expanding my current set of skills. (I am interested in any position related to development or design. However, I am willing to consider any work related to my experience). My learning process begins by starting through the basics, then practicing a lot, doing research, trial, and error. Testing and evaluation. The kind of person that's always able to lend some help and be there for whatever is needed.

Honesty, reliability, and sustainability are principles that matter (at least for me) in the building process that is equally accessible to all people

Outside the IT and Design worlds, I enjoy doing photography, learning about different cultures, and enjoy content related to STEAM (Arts definitely should be included in STEM).

(I'll be uploading and updating content and projects soon)

I'm aware these are difficult times for everybody. Wherever you are right now and if you're reading this, I hope you're doing okay, wish you the best. Better days will come.